#POORBALTICS - ko tas nozīmē?

By definition it’s a mindset of being resourceful even when there are little to no resources at hand to accomplish something, so from the get-go, the expression #POORBALTICS served as a reminder to follow our ambitions, no matter the circumstances. But it’s so much more than just that and always has been.

It’s something that defines our way of doing things and shows the bigger picture behind the movies we create and friendships we establish along the way with our partners and followers. #POORBALTICS is a statement of appreciation for filmmaking and ventures we dare to take in order to get that perfect shot.

As of late, the mixture of all the things we love to create have found their way to our line of goodies and the mindset of #POORBALTICS has been imprinted in a blend of elegant simplicity and strong motives, visible throughout our collection of streetwear and merchandise. So go and see for yourself what #POORBALTICS has to offer and find out what it’s all about!